Friday, April 5, 2013

Revlon PhotoReady Color Correcting Primer | Review

Here are the basics:
- There are two shades in the range: 001 (Perfecting) and 002 (Color Correcting).
- I bought it for around $11 at Target.
- The primer comes in a glass bottle and has a pump (I love products in pump containers!)

Shade 002

I have been using this primer since last summer.  I am on my second bottle and it is one of my everyday go to products in my makeup routine. 

What I love about the product:
- It has a creamy texture and feels moisturizing on my dry skin.
- I find that it helps my foundation go on smoothly and does a good job at covering up my pores.
- With the primer, my foundation lasts from morning till after I get off work (around 5pm ish).

The product has a faint pink tint
Once blended it leaves a matte finish

Some bad points I forgot to mention in my video:
- The product hardens in the pump and I often have to remove clumped bit before applying.  Although it is annoying, I don't mind since the product is so good overall.
- After about using the product halfway, the pump isn't as effective in getting the product out.  You have to shake and struggle with it once the product when it is more than halfway empty.  Since it takes me months to use just half of the product, I don't mind just getting a new one.  I know that is really wasteful but I cannot get the product out of the container.

Overall, I love the actual primer itself.  Although $11 is pricey for something from the drugstore, I think it's worth it.

What's your favorite primer?

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