Thursday, September 10, 2015

Essie Summer Nail Polish Favorites

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As summer is drawing to a close, I’m reflecting back on my favorite summer nail polishes.  Since I pretty much only use Essie nail polishes, my favorites are a bit brand specific.

 Absolutely Shore
I think this was released as a summer shade a few years back but I think Essie might have re-released it.  This was my go to nail polish for the last two summers.  It’s a great blue green color that looks like a paler version of Turquoise and Caicos.

Turquoise and Caicos
This has been one of my favorite polishes this year.  I posted a picture on my Instagram so if you want to see what it looks like on, you can do so here.

Peach Side Babe
This is another one that I posted on Instagram and have been loving this year.  It was limited edition for the summer months but I hope it sticks around because it is a gorgeous peachy coral!

I mostly wear this in the early summer because it is a great transition shade from spring into the summer months.  The shade reminds me of a nail polish I used to love back in high school so this is a bit of a nostalgic pick.

Back before I started really getting into the whole beauty thing, I loved an orangey red nail polish by Maybelline.  I’ve long since moved on from Maybelline nail polishes but I still have a special place in my summer favorites for that bright orangey red.  This shade is the Essie version of that nostalgic favorite.

Sand Tropez
This is one of my all time favorites colors for a polished professional nail.  It’s a wonderful nude that isn’t too brown or too pink.  I particularly love it in the summer because it suits my skintone really well when I get a bit of color.

Butler Please
Last year I was binge watching Pretty Little Liars and I fell in love with the bright blue nail polish Hannah was wearing.  I scoured my local Target for a similar polish and came across this shade.  It’s definitely not for the faint of heart since it is a pretty bold color but I think it looks great with a tan...or the closest my pale skin can get to a tan.

 What are your favorite nail polishes for the summer?


  1. Absolutely LOVE Essie nail polishes and now have two more to add to my wishlist! Haha
    I'll be on the lookout for Sand Tropez and Butler Please now that we're coming into Summer!



    1. I was actually concerned about posting this so late into the summer but I'm glad that I was able to give you some pre-season inspiration! Yes you should definitely try them out!

  2. Sand Tropez is my all time favourite nude from Essie but recently it started leaking so I had to throw it away! Another one I love is Mint Candy Apple, so pretty.

    love, lissy @

    1. Sorry that you had to get rid of Sand Tropez! I've had nail polishes do that to me too and it's such a pain. I've been meaning to try Mint Candy Apple. I'll have to pick it up the next time I'm out shopping.

  3. Love your collection! A nice all round stash ( nudes and bright colours) I love love love the blue one! It just makes me smile. Have you seen the autumn 2015 collection from Essie yet? Which colours would you pick? I bought leggy legend and bell bottom blues yesterday. Such pretty colours.

    love your blog!
    xx ( btw thanks for sharing one of my blogpost, I really appreciate it!)

    1. Thank you CB! Oh, I love the whole collection to be honest. If I had to pick, leggy legend is the one I'm really drooling over at the moment. I also really like the red color but I can't remember the name. I agree they are gorgeous! Your welcome on the share! :)