Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Favorites

L'oreal, Luxe, Lorac, Bath and Body Works, Clinique, Victoria's Secret, Body by Victoria

Another month has flown by and another monthly favorites is coming your way.  Also, the leaves decided to join in on the photo session.  They were attempting to be real camera hogs so I decided to use them as props.  Anyway, let’s get onto the favorites.

L’oreal Power Volume 24hr
While looking through the beauty aisles at Target, I happened upon this mascara.  I haven’t heard many reviews on it but it seemed interesting so I decided to try it out.  I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about it because it does a great job at giving volume and the waterproof version lasts all day.

Nuxe Reve de Miel
I've seen a ton of positive reviews on this so I snatched it up when I saw it at my local Target.  It’s pretty thick so I usually apply it sparingly at night.  I can tell this is going to be a real winner once the weather gets colder and my skin struggles to keep hydrated.  I have a review in the works, so keep an eye out for it.

Lorac Liquid Eyeliner
After recovering from the dismay that my beloved Kat von D Tattoo liner doesn’t come in any other shade but black, I decided to try out one of the Lorac liquid liners.   I got the brown liner because I knew it would get the most attention in my daily makeup routine.  Well, I was right!  This stuff is awesome!  I love the brush liner as apposed to the felt tip of some liquid liners.  I’m tempted to get this in a few other shades.

Victoria’s Secret Body by Victoria
This scent and I have some history.  I actually used to wear this when I worked at Victoria’s Secret a few years ago.  I only recently repurchased it and I have fallen back in love.  It’s the perfect transition fragrance since it has some floral notes but also some fresh notes like crushed leaves that really remind me of early Autumn.

Clinique Smart Customer Repair Serum
I’m pleasantly surprised by this serum.  It isn’t proving to be a miracle worker so far but it has improved my skin.  I won’t give too much away because I have a review in the works.

Bath and Body Works Crisp Morning Air Nourishing Hand Cream
Wow, that’s a mouth full but it smells aamazing!  Recently BB&W fragrances haven’t been doing it for me but this one has rekindled my affection.  The scent really captures early fall and the lotion does a great job at moisturizing so double win!

Origins Make A Difference Plus
After attempting to replace Night-A-Mins with various other moisturizers, I decided to try out a new Origins moisturizer and it isn’t a surprise that I love it.  It’s a bit lighter than Night-A-Mins but it is still  really hydrating.  I can already tell it will be a great moisturizer to transition into the colder months.

What were some of your favorites in September?


  1. Oh I love that Victoria Secret scent! Great product picks

  2. great review of the products
    i've heard a lot of good things about the origins products :)

    1. Thanks! I've used Origins products for a few years now and I swear by them. They are awesome!

  3. I heard many good things about Origins Make A Different Plus, thinking of getting it myself to see if it's any good for real :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  4. Love your product picks! The Nuxe Reve de Miel is absolutely gorgeous through the Winter time and hydrates my lips like nothing else! I also love the smell... it's delicious!



    1. Thanks Anjelique! I can't wait to use the Reve de Miel this winter. I agree, it's such a wonderful lip balm.

  5. I haven't tried most of these products however they sound great! I should try more Origins products x

    1. Thanks Ela! You should definitely give them a try.