Monday, February 16, 2015

Maybelline Master Prime Blur+Redness Review

Last month I was casually perusing through my local Ulta when I spotted this primer.  It was the only one left in the display so I decided to snatch it up and give it a try.
The primer comes in three shades: Redness Control, Illuminate, Smooth.  It’s around $10 at Ulta.  You get 1oz of product and best of all, it comes in a tube.  I love it when products either have a pump or squeeze tube, so this is a win for me.

The primer has a slight greenish tint to combat redness.  It has a light cream gel texture and doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin.  Like most primers, you only need a little bit so I can see this lasting me a while. 

Unfortunately the greenish tint is a little too faint and doesn't too much to help redness.  If you are fairer than my NW20 complexion or don't have any significant redness, this might be a good redness reducer.  However, I felt that on my skin it barely made a difference.

While it doesn't do an amazing job at reducing redness, I think it works well at keeping my makeup in place. I put it on in the morning before work and my makeup holds up until after I get off work about 8 hours later.  It also helps my makeup sit well on my face.  As a redness reducer, it's a fail for me but as an actual primer it's a win. 

Overall, I have been loving it as an everyday primer.  If I tried another primer from this range, I would go for the Smooth primer or the Illuminate.  I'm really interested to see if those would be just as good at priming and still live up to their overall claims.

Have you tried any of the Maybelline Master Primers?

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